Why Prestige Granite


Choose Natural Stone Over Concrete Pavers For

Natural Beauty

create an ageless elegance for your outdoor space with natural stones. The variation of subtle, natural colors blends with your landscape to create beautiful living spaces with lots of character.

Strength & Durability

the characteristics of natural stone, formed by extreme pressure and heat over thousands of years at or below the earth’s surface, cannot be fabricated. Natural stone will not chip or crack and is the best option for high traffic surfaces to withstand pressure.

Eco Friendly

sourced directly from quarries around the world, stone is a naturally occurring resource; concrete is a man-made material that requires extensive manufacturing. Concrete products are dyed with chemicals to mimic natural coloring.

Low Maintenance

durability ensures better aging and less maintenance. Natural stone does not experience chipping or cracking associated with shifting weather conditions like concrete. Everyday maintenance is as simple as sweeping the surface area for loose debris.


Serving the tri-state area for over 20 years, we rely on product knowledge and sourcing expertise to maintain the largest state-side inventory of natural stone products. We offer superior prices for our premium products.


Our natural stone, granite, and veneer are available in several colors and product variations to match the needs of your project. We are constantly updating our catalog selection based on trends and demand in the marketplace.


Whether transforming your swimming pool, deck, driveway, patio, retaining wall, or backyard, Prestige products provide a timeless, natural elegance to your space that will not fade or crack.