FAQ’S: Sandstone
What is sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, formed from many years of natural deposits accumulating on the ocean floor, rivers, or lakes. The minerals that comprise sandstone, primarily calcite and quartz, group together and compress. Sandstone is produced over time as the pressure of the minerals develop together.

What is sandstone used for?

Sandstone is a reliable building and paving material. It is highly regarded because of its natural decorative characteristics and availability in several impressionable colors. It is ideal for high traffic, residential or commercial spaces and often used for patios, walkways and around pools.

What colors of sandstone are available?

Prestige Stone & Granite currently offers 4 colors of sandstone: Bluestone, Brownstone, Teakwood and Rainbow. Bluestone is the most popular color choice for outdoor landscaping as the blue-grey tones provide distinct aesthetics for your outdoor space.

How do you clean sandstone?

As a natural stone, sandstone will maintain its original look for years longer than manufactured options, but it is always important to properly maintain your outdoor space. Use a soft bristle broom consistently to make sure your space is cleared of debris or dirt. When needed, wet the area, and scrub any buildups on the surface of the stones. Besides sealing natural stones, the easiest way to maintain the look of the stone is to prevent settlement on the surface that can cause staining over time.

Can you use cleaning products on sandstone?

Avoid applying acidic based cleaners, such as grout or bathroom cleaners, to your sandstone. Also, stay away from using lemon juice, vinegar, and other multi-purpose cleaning agents. The strong acidic properties of these cleaners are too strong and could end up damaging your stone. Instead, you want to use gentle cleaners and soaps, specifically designed for cleaning natural stone.

How do I handle spills?

If you spill, be sure to clean right away. Do not wipe away the spill, blot it until it disappears and rewash if needed until dry. Do not be afraid to scrub hard on the spot but use a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging the surface.

Can I use a pressure washer?

Ideally you can clean your sandstone without using a pressure washer. If needed, it is advised to use a light pressure wash for stains caused by leaves or moss.

Should I seal sandstone?

Yes, it is highly recommended to seal your sandstone outdoor space. Discuss with your contractor or installer to determine the best sealer for your space. The sealer you select is specific to the features of your space including grout used, hours of direct sunlight and foot traffic.